Monday, July 12, 2010

How To Submit To Articles Directories

How To Submit To Articles Directories
Whether you're doing business or campaigning for your worthy endeavors on the internet, the marketing aspect is always very important. This is to attract more readers to your website and keep them coming back on a regular basis. And one of the most effective methods of online marketing is through article submission.

Writing articles with useful information is a great way of spreading the word to your prospective clients about what you do or what products and services you offer. But keep in mind that publishing them on your own website is not enough. Not all web users will easily find your website so you need to promote your articles through other means such as by submitting to directories.

Numerous people whether authors or people involved in business are submitting their articles today to various online directories. A major reason why article directories are widely used today in marketing purposes is because they're absolutely free to web users. Most offer free services due to the great demand in article marketing on the internet. This is the best part of it all unlike opting for an advertising campaign that can be quite costly.

There are, however, directories catering to specific target readers that also charge a minimal subscription fee. These types of directories normally guarantee the publication of articles within 24 hours after submission unlike the free directories that require several days or even weeks before publishing articles due to the large volume they receive every day. It depends on you which route you're going to take '“ the free directories or the paid directories.

What counts most when using these article directories is you know how to follow their editorial guidelines. Learning the correct way of submitting your write-ups will ensure the publication of your articles in less time. Many of them usually require registration with an option to include a photo of the author while there are also some directories that have very rigid application rules.

Providing an interesting author bio is a basic requirement. This should also be given much consideration because readers want to get to know the authors of the articles they read. And don't forget to post a photo of yourself as well to drive more traffic.

Using the right keywords is also essential. This means including words in your article that your readers will most likely use in searching for your business and other relevant information. Keywords should appear in the title and body of your article to be easily searched by your target audience.

Provide useful and engaging information that you know people will be most interested to read. Other than giving details of your products and services, share information that will influence them in their daily lives. Share tips, strategies and solutions to common problems related to your field of business.

Finally, don't forget to put at least one link to your website to give access to your readers who may want to learn more about you and your expertise. If they find your article worthy of their time and attention, chances are they will follow you on your website to find out more about you and what you do in your business.


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Ernesto Borquez said...

In order to submit articles, the first thing that required is a unique content as almost every directory approves and allows you to submit articles with unique contents. The next step is to search for those high PR directories like Goarticles, Ezinearticles etc.
After finishing with searching, create an author account and submit your article under the option submit article by inserting the required field.

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